Yumby Toss

Yumby Toss

Do you love tossing cute creatures into monster infested buildings? If so, you’ll love Yumby Toss, a wild game of skillful throws and heroic blows!

Explore 5 amazing worlds and 45 levels of destructive delight!



YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/YsC0H0F7sIA?hd=1

Memorable Quotes

  • “I don’t get it” - Game Designer’s Mom
  • “Best game to hit this bus since 2010. Makes traffic fun!” - Bus Driver
  • “Cute and quirky at every turn…” - An Imaginary Newspaper
  • “Where did my money go?” - Our Angel Investor
  • “One wild ride!” - A Guy on a Roller Coaster


Each world has its own challenges from spear chucking minions to poison gas. But don’t worry, you have six heroic Yumbies to choose from:

  • Tork can bust down walls
  • Jozet is lighter than air
  • Daze is da bomb
  • Loon bounces like a ball
  • Frankus can crush any Gobbler
  • And Olly never gives up!

You’ve never had so much fun tossing cute creatures into dangerous places.

Game Facts