The story of the Yumbies is quite simple…

  • Yumbies love to eat & have a good time
  • Gobblers love to make trouble
  • Colonel Crumpet loves the Queen
  • But the Queen loves cake — not Crumpets!

When you mix them all up, it’s a tasty mess…

Yumby Land

North of yesterday and just before tomorrow lies Yumbyland. A place like none other. Home to Yumbies big and small, crazy and meek. It’s a delectable paradise both savory and sweet.

But poor, nervous Furl. Ask her what she thinks, and she will tell you a different story. “Something’s rotten in Yumbyland,” cries Furl. “And it’s out to devour all of us, I feel it coming now. Oh, no, I’m not crazy — it’s coming!”

Rumors of terrible things happening soon reached good Queen Ambrosia. Heeding the advice of her advisors, Ambrosia sent the bravest Yumbies to find out what was threatening the Realm.


Jozet, smart and resourceful, took it upon herself to capture one of the Gobblers and brought it before the throne to be questioned.

“I found it in the pantry stealing our food,” declared Jozet. “It had six whole cakes in its mouth!”

Queen Ambrosia herself looked upon the creature. “But why?” she demanded. “Why, after years of peace, would you start raiding again?”

Hatred filled the Gobblers green, splotchy face. “Crumpet,” it hissed. “We do it for Crumpet!”

Crumpet. The name made the Queen flinch and nearby popcorn explode. Crumpet — the most feared Yumby of them all. Bitter, banished, and insane! Colonel Crumpet, whom so many had thought was dead and gone. He was behind this mayhem.

Colonel Crumpet

Silence descended on the room. Everyone knew that Colonel Crumpet was once a brilliant and arrogant chef. The best cook in the Kingdom, he was known for bribing others with irresistible dishes.

Crumpet made countless attempts to win the Queen’s heart through his culinary prowess. But she refused him each time. After each rejection, he grew more bitter, until he went mad and tried to poison the entire Royal Court. Fortunately, his plan backfired, and he was banished from the Kingdom.

“Crumpet made a pact with the Gobblers,” snorted Rumple, the oldest and grumpiest of the Yumbies. “There’s nothing we can do. It’s too late!”

A frightened murmur went up amongst the Queen’s subjects. The Gobblers were terrible enough, but with Crumpet controlling them, there was no telling what they could do.

“Not while there’s a slice of cake left in Yumbyland!” shouted Olly, rallying his fellow Yumbies. “Let’s stop those Gobblers before they eat us out of castle and kingdom!”

And so our story begins…

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