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Yumby Smash is the first game to take advantage of the PlayGearz platform, which allows players to create their own games & levels and share them with friends.

Your goal is to SMASH everything, as you battle your way past Colonel Crumpet and his Gobbler Hoards.

We’re launching with…

  • Three Complete Worlds
  • 90 Campaign Levels
  • PlayGearz Game Creator
  • Unlimited Player Created Levels
  • Expansion Packs to follow!



The demented Colonel Crumpet has constructed a diabolical weapon called Starve, which is sucking all food out of Planet Yumby!

Every second counts, as the Yumbies battle their way past Gobbler Hoards, terrifying traps and towering fortresses. Along the way, the Yumbies must find and SMASH pieces of Starve that Crumpet’s minions are manufacturing.

Only by reaching Starve before it’s completed do our Yumbies stand any chance of, well, not starving…


  • Cofounders: Steve Hoffman, Andy Riedel & Aaron Jones
  • Coding: Aaron Jones & Andy Riedel
  • Game Design: Steve Hoffman, Andy Riedel & Aaron Jones
  • Art: Grace Chen
  • Animation: Chris Miller
  • Music & Sound FX: Michael Sweet
  • Marketing & Product Management: Steve Hoffman
  • Story & Characters: Steve Hoffman, Andy Riedel, Aaron Jones & Grace Chen
  • Level Design: Steve Hoffman & Zachary Hoffman